How does Vivify support Chronic Care Management (CCM)?

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Connecting patients improves


Vivify Health has created the world’s first remote care platform based upon consumer mobile devices and is among the fastest growing digital health companies. We believe that by connecting patients directly to their care, we make a measurable difference. Explore our impact…

  • Scalable infrastructure for healthcare consumers anywhere
  • Appropriate solutions for all risk stratification layers
  • Fully-managed kits for high-risk, high-cost population
  • Prescribed apps delivered to patient’s own mobile devices
  • Unlimited use cases from acute care to chronic disease
  • Video content to educate and empower patients
  • Episodic or continuous remote care
  • Embedded video conferencing for enhanced patient engagement
  • One-touch virtual visits to bridge the gap of time and distance
  • Multiple deployment methodologies, from in-home delivery to mobile apps
  • Designed for consumer electronics, eliminating proprietary hardware obsolescence
  • Turnkey-ready Medical Command Center (24/7 or part-time)
  • Simplify your program with turnkey-ready Fully-Managed Kit Logistics
  • Low monthly payments, with bundled SaaS pricing, including all devices and services
  • Mobile apps initiated by simple text message to patient/member mobile device
  • Provider and Payer
  • Fee-for-service
  • Fee-for-value
  • Concierge care business opportunity
  • Bundle initiatives
  • Accountable care
  • Readmissions reduction program
  • Clinical research
  • One portal supporting all remote care coordination and documentation
  • Relevant solutions for at-risk, rising-risk, and high-risk segments
  • Fully-managed kits for high-risk, high-utilization segment
  • Mobile apps and interactive voice response (IVR) for at-risk and rising-risk
  • Strategic partner network for value-added synergy
  • Risk stratification tools + integration options
  • White-label opportunity
  • 24/7 technical support

What Is The Process?

Vivify takes simplicity seriously, and we ensure that is evident throughout the remote care process. Take a tour of our easy 5-step strategy to revolutionize how you connect with patients…

Stratify the Population

The data is already at your fingertips…

  • Integrate with your existing clinical workflows
  • Utilize our partners for intelligent stratification
  • A solution that is automated, while allowing for human intervention
  • Enables both predictive and encounter-based stratification

Assign the Appropriate Plan

As easy as drag-and-drop…

  • Simple customization to align with each patient’s needs
  • Choose from managed kits, mobile apps or web portal
  • Customize care plans with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Tailored to patient schedules and language preferences

Deploy the Appropriate Equipment

Reach your entire population…

  • HIGH-RISK: Point-of-care hand-off or in-home Kit delivery
  • RISING-RISK: Instantly deployed on patients’ existing mobile devices
  • AT-RISK: Anytime web access via any device
  • IN-HOME SERVICE: Optional in-home clinical services for any purpose

Engage Daily with Patients

Real-time for real impact…

  • Built-in integration with wireless biometric devices
  • Customized educational content, aligned with plan of care
  • Virtual visits via High-Def video conferencing
  • Delivered on virtually any device

Intervene Anywhere, Anytime

Deliver efficient care immediately…

  • Customized care plan alerts and biometric thresholds
  • Engage immediately, directly to patient devices
  • Web-based tools for secure access anywhere
  • Manage your population efficiently, by exception


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Readmission Reduction

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Patient Satisfaction

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Our Customers

Vivify Health customers are what drive our expertise and dedication.


I’ve gotta tell you, [she] was very excited to be part of our pilot program when we spoke and did our setup yesterday. After the video call, she told me, “This is so wonderful.” I hope that our other patients feel the same way. This is some cool technology.

— Kathy - Provider


As a follow-up to an ad hoc video call on a Vivify tablet with a Pediatric physician, including screen sharing of care plan designer – “His head is spinning and he is so excited. He said “ The families would have such a comfort level having this in their homes.” We also will use this as a selling point to the MD’s at [our health system]. He said they would salivate.

— Janice - Provider


Oh my goodness. I just did my first video conference call with a patient and it was PRECIOUS! Neither of us could stop smiling and laughing. I even showed him his readings. This is his second time on the monitor and he just can’t believe he can see who he’s been talking to.  I am just in awe. Honestly, I am almost at a loss for words….well almost.

— Kimberly - Provider


The process of vendor selection has been enlightening. As you know, there are some very fine products in this emerging market. You’ve built a compelling case with a great product. Your willingness to customize an innovative pilot program to accommodate our needs is above and beyond and was taken into consideration as we evaluated the various vendors.

— Harlon - Provider


We have had fantastic success. We have seen enormously encouraging return on investment, we are spending less per episode of Congestive Heart Failure, we see fewer readmissions, and we see, very importantly, incredibly satisfied patients. We have heard time and again from our patients that they feel very connected to their care team, they feel cared about, they feel constantly in touch. We are very excited about the fact that we are keeping patients healthy.

— Luke - CMIO


When we got in there they said I would have lost him that night or the following morning, and what saved him was the Vivify program. He is alive because of it.

— Amy - Patient's Wife


It’s real simple, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you can hit a button you can work this!

— Paul - Patient


Your platform is surely impressive and I’m confident you will become a dominant player in this emerging market.

— Chris - Technology Partner